The Readers

So, who are these fabulous bibliophilists?

Adie and Harp
I’m Adrienne, the owner and major driving force behind the bibliophilists. I had this grand idea during the many, many months I spent writing my thesis in the library. I found myself wandering the stacks and thinking “I want to know everything in these pages!” So I started reading, and reading, and reading, and then I found that I had no one to tell all my opinions to. I decided it was time to write! I also decided to invite my friends to join me…mostly because I really didn’t want to read the sci fi or romance section, and I was hoping that someone would take over that chore. Wanna tell me something? Be nice! Email me at


That’s me! I am Adrienne’s roommate, and the first non-Adrienne reviewer of books for this site. My favorite literary genre is science fiction, so while I might try for some variety every now and again, most of my reviews ought to be of the sci-fi variet-tai (I’m a poet). Additionally, I only intend on reviewing books that I have read since joining up with this project. This means, unfortunately, that a lot of books that I think very highly of will not get reviewed until I get around to re-reading them. Such practice may not be very efficient, but I do not think it is fair to the books to try and write reviews from memory a year of few old. Anyway… Wish me luck! I like port.



Hey all.  I am a terrible book-reviewer, since I like everything I read and I don’t like hurting people’s feelings with bad reviews.  But my grammar is good and I promise not to write anything too long.  Also, I’m not afraid of reading unabridged classics (though don’t expect too many of them).

As for my interests, they are varied but do cover the romance section, which means together we ought to be able to cover the whole library now!  I also like mysteries, drama, children’s stories, and classics.  Not too fond of nonfiction, though.  Unless its a biography of someone I find interesting.

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