The Bibliophilists: Welcome!

Welcome to the Bibliophilists! We are a group of friends (well, most of this is done by just one of us, but many come and go as the mood takes them) who decided in a moment of peak/drunkenss that we wanted to read all the books in the library. I know! Fun, right? Anyhow, we couldn’t very well go along and read all these books without giving our over educated opinion about each, hence this website. First things first, though…the rules.

1) We, The Bibliophilists, pledge to read every book in the Martin Luther King Jr. Library at San Jose State University, California. (Why? Because it’s the biggest, that’s why!)

2) We will actually READ the book from cover to cover, no matter how badly written, how horrific a story, or stupid the characters may be.

3) Books may be considered “read” if they were listened to on tape or cd (unabridged version only). Movie versions and abridged tapes do not count.

4) Each book read will be reviewed by the reader using a 5 star system: giving the book five stars means it was the greatest book ever (and the reader probably now owns a personal copy), while one star means the book was horrible and the second the reader sees the author on the street said author will be smacked.

5) We reserve the right to give “classic” books bad reviews, while bad books may be rated good. No yelling!

There we are! Ready to get started?

Published on July 9, 2007 at 3:24 am  Comments (1)  

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  1. Good job, very useful information it will come in handy some day. THANKS!

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