Now you too can smell like old books and librarians!

Do you have a home library, but it just smells too much like, well, home? You’re worries are over! The CB I Hate Perfume website has all your scent memory needs–from In The Summer Kitchen to Burning Leaves, the CB experience states:

“HOME is more than the place you live; HOME is any place you truly love – any place you feel happy, comfortable & at peace. Scent has the power to transport you instantly across any distance – in a flash you’re just where you’d rather be. Go there whenever you wish no matter where you are…
All the scents in this collection are designed to capture a very special sense of place or experience. All the scents in my HOME collection are designed to be worn on yourself and well as used all around you.”

I’m actually very intrigued by the In The Library product, which promises to bring back scent memories of happy hours spent among books. Want!



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I’m going to start a new series of posts I like to call “Book Integration” or “how in the heck am I going to fit all these books into my super small apartment?!?” Since my husband and I have just moved to a new, very tiny place, and most of my books are still in boxes due to the sad lack of built in bookcases in our new space, I have been trolling the internets for brilliant ideas on how and where to incorporate my ever-growing book collection into our daily decor.

Today I found this:


This is a new design from, an online design team. There’s very little information about this bookbench on the site, other than the dimensions (600X700X800 mm) and the material (plywood). No price or comfort levels mentioned–but then it’s from a design site, and these sites historically don’t take silly subjects like price and comfort into account when working on furniture.  It’s about the product!

I kind of like the look of this–it would work nicely for an empty corner or hallway nook (or an entryway, perhaps?), and give the reader a space to store  plenty of reading material. I’m worried about the materials, however. Plywood doesn’t seem like the best place to spend hours of reading time in blissful comfort. There’s also no convenient place to put the mandatory cup of tea or other refreshment that goes with reading a good book.

Over all, I’ll have to pass on this one, unless there’s a bare entryway in my future that is just begging for a bench full of books.



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New E-reader just launched by

E reader

I’ve always been facinated by the concept of elecronic book readers. I mean, the promise of carrying 200+ books in your pocket is enchanting, isn’t it? Imagine how much lighter my suitcase would be every vacation! However, every e-reader that I’ve found just falls short of expectations. They tend to be small, or have a horrible screen, or are so expensive it just doesn’t make sense to buy them. Dreams down the tubes!

Amazon, however, has heard my sigh of dissapointment, and has entered into the cut-throat world of electronic book readers. They just launced the The Kindle and the product looks promising.

Some features:

Sharp resolution screen that reads like paper

Wireless conectivity that uses cell technology to allow you to shop for and buy books from anywhere

More than 88,000 books available at 9.99 each

Ability to read the first couple of chapters of a book before you buy it

Popular newspapers, magazines and blogs available

Weighs only 10.3 ounces and has a long battery life (no indication on exactly *how* long this long battery life is, however. This sounds a little fishy to me)

Includes access to Wikipedia

So far, it sounds pretty good. It is priced at $400, which is a bit pricey, especially since you have to pay ten bucks for each book, but then I’m a bit of a cheapskate. It would be nice if it also stored pdf books (I currently have a few hundred clogging my hardrive at the moment…) and allowed access to free book sites. Maybe in the future? Amazon sure is pushing the launch of this product, though, so I’m gonna keep my eye out for reviews from actual users.

*Update: An author at Boing Boing just reviewed the Kindle. Read his review.


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