Anne Frank’s Tree May Be Saved


You know what’s strange? The way those really good books you were forced to read in school sucked the first time you opened them. Now that you’re not forced to write endless paragraphs about the subtext and characterization within the pages, however, the book becomes more and more enjoyable with each passing year. This is how I feel about that famous tome The Diary of Anne Frank.I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the book when I finally got past my childish hatred of all things English-class and read it for sheer enjoyment.

Now, what this post is really about. That tree that Anne talks so much about in her daily musings–you know the one, the chestnut she stared at through the attic window day in and day out, was set to be removed due to sickness. The city decided that it was so diseased that it posed a threat to safety. Conservationists stepped in at the eleventh hour, however, and have discovered that the tree may not be as diseased as first thought. Hearings are to be held in the near future to determine the fate of the tree.


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