It’s been awhile….

How long has it been, exactly? Something like seven years since I’ve updated this particular blog. In that time we’ve gone through some major life events (from a PhD to opening a business to moving across the country to losing the password for this blog). We haven’t flagged in our goal to read every book, however, and I have a long, long list of reviews I’ll be publishing. I also have a long, long list of interesting things I want to post here. Thanks for reading!


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And now for something complete different (or just smaller)

I’m a big fan of books (obviously), and I love books in novelty form. Have you seen the book on a single poster thing? Well, someone has taken that a step further, and put the entirety of Romeo and Juliet on a bookmark. Yep. A bookmark. How meta can you get?

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Mini Book Charm Bracelet

How awesome is this? This fantastic Etsy seller is making some great charm bracelets and other jewelry  Just check out this Harry Potter themed bracelet: 



How neat is this? I know what I’m asking for on my next Birthday!



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George R.R. Martin has put the first chapter of his new book up! Let the squealing begin!!

If you’re anything like those of us here at The Bibliophilists, you can’t get enough of the Fire and Ice series (or, as those who watch the TV shows, the Game of Thrones series). You also have been anxiously waiting for the next entry of the series (seriously…what is going to happen with Dani!?!). Well, Mr. Martin, in his wisdom, has decided to satiate his rabid fan base for the moment by putting a snippet of the newest book up online. Go! Enjoy! Discuss! Drink!


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Four years and a PhD later, it’s time to start reading again!

Four years ago I wrote the last post on this site. That year I started a PhD program at the illustrious Texas A&M University, which ended up taking all of my time and energy. Unfortunately, this meant my goal of reading all the books in the library had to go by the wayside (although I did make a great dent in reading text books, so I suppose things still moved along, albeit much more slowly). 

Now I’m back! I have stacks and stacks of books that I’ve set aside to read, and a personal library that just keeps growing. Here’s to a new chapter!


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Write a Comment, Donate a Book

First Book has partnered with Disney to publicize the upcoming Adam Sandler movie Bedtime Stories. For every comment posted on the First Book’s Blog, Disney will donate a book to a needy child. As of this writing, there were 313 comments. Join the fun!


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Forever Odd

Forever Odd

3.5 Stars

Woo! Odd Thomas!! This is the second book in the wildly popular Odd Thomas series, and was I ever excited to pick this one up. The story follows our hero on another adventure. This one starts soon after Odd Thomas finishes, so Odd is still grieving the death of his beloved Stormy (sob!). He is found by a crazy woman who searches the globe for evidence of the supernatural, and forces Odd to fight for the life of a friend.

The story wasn’t as good, in my opinion, as the first, and I’m not sure why that is. It may be simply because I was so enamored with Odd Thomas that any followup story paled in comparison. Whatever the reason, I wasn’t as impressed this time around as I was the first. It was still an interesting read, and whenever you are in love with a character, it is a good thing to see them again, so I enjoyed it at least for that. Maybe I’ll read it again, after the glow has worn off the first one and see if my initial impress has changed.


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Ella Enchanted

3 Stars

This author has been nominated for a Newbery several times, and if you look at her stories you’ll see why. She seems to specialize in “coming of age” stories for young girls–you know the type…the main character is a pre-teen girl who has a problem with gossip, or bullying, or being mean, or something of that nature, and must learn a life lesson in 150 pages or less. What nice about this author is she always gives the books a taste of the supernatural in some way or another, which makes them just that much more interesting.

Ella Enchanted is the book the Disney movie of the same name was based on. The story is of a young girl who received gifts from her fairy god mothers on the day she was born, a la Sleeping Beauty. Her last gift was bad, however. She was given the gift of total obedience–she had to obey any direct command. She grew up with this burden, learning the intricacies of the spell, until one day it led her on an adventure of life and love.

The story was sweet, the ending was Disney perfect (in fact, the entire book was practically written like a Disney movie) and the overall feel was nice. The only problem I had with the book were those inevitable moments of discomfort that are so prevalent in these types of stories. Our heroin is put into some embarrassing situation due to her condition. I’ve always hated that. I don’t even like sitcoms because of that sort of thing. However, despite the embarrassment factor, I still enjoyed the book.


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The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1)

4/5 (If you’re a kid)

Completely mindless, but fun.  I don’t really see the draw of these books, but they’re harmless and quickly over.  I finished 2 full books in this series while waiting in a waiting room (though admitedly I was there for like 4 hours).

This is the first book in the series, and tells how three main characters become orphans.  But really that’s over with on the third page or so.  After that, there are frequent references to how lonely and sad the children are, but not much more about the circumstances.  The book was clearly written for children, so there are a lot of: “I feel disappointed.  That means I am not happy with how things turned out.”  “We know what disappointed means!  Get to the real point of why you’re disappointed!”  But you read that and thought that was just me complaining about the book not getting to the point, didn’t you?  Nope, I mean that to be a paraphrase of what the characters actually say to each other.  About 20 times in the 30 page book.  Though I didn’t really count.  But the definitions they use aren’t bad, and in some cases I was struck by how applicable the definition given was to the book’s use of it.

Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend it exactly, but I did enjoy it enough to read the second one I’d already bought.  Probably not enough to buy anymore though.


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Now you too can smell like old books and librarians!

Do you have a home library, but it just smells too much like, well, home? You’re worries are over! The CB I Hate Perfume website has all your scent memory needs–from In The Summer Kitchen to Burning Leaves, the CB experience states:

“HOME is more than the place you live; HOME is any place you truly love – any place you feel happy, comfortable & at peace. Scent has the power to transport you instantly across any distance – in a flash you’re just where you’d rather be. Go there whenever you wish no matter where you are…
All the scents in this collection are designed to capture a very special sense of place or experience. All the scents in my HOME collection are designed to be worn on yourself and well as used all around you.”

I’m actually very intrigued by the In The Library product, which promises to bring back scent memories of happy hours spent among books. Want!



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I’m going to start a new series of posts I like to call “Book Integration” or “how in the heck am I going to fit all these books into my super small apartment?!?” Since my husband and I have just moved to a new, very tiny place, and most of my books are still in boxes due to the sad lack of built in bookcases in our new space, I have been trolling the internets for brilliant ideas on how and where to incorporate my ever-growing book collection into our daily decor.

Today I found this:


This is a new design from, an online design team. There’s very little information about this bookbench on the site, other than the dimensions (600X700X800 mm) and the material (plywood). No price or comfort levels mentioned–but then it’s from a design site, and these sites historically don’t take silly subjects like price and comfort into account when working on furniture.  It’s about the product!

I kind of like the look of this–it would work nicely for an empty corner or hallway nook (or an entryway, perhaps?), and give the reader a space to store  plenty of reading material. I’m worried about the materials, however. Plywood doesn’t seem like the best place to spend hours of reading time in blissful comfort. There’s also no convenient place to put the mandatory cup of tea or other refreshment that goes with reading a good book.

Over all, I’ll have to pass on this one, unless there’s a bare entryway in my future that is just begging for a bench full of books.



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March 6th is Read Aloud Day!

According to Holidays for Everyday, March 6th is Read Aloud Day (along with National Chocolate Cheesecake Day and the anniversary of the first day Oreos were sold…both of which deserve their own post). In honor of this wonderful holiday, I’ve put together a list of my favorite books to read out loud. When was the last time you had someone read to you? Let me tell you, it is a wonderful experience at any age.

My list:

the-giving-tree.jpg Ah, a classic.  There’s something so touching about this book, that just lends itself to hearing it in someone else’s voice. It’s the type of book that brings a tear to your eye and leaves you with happy chills at the end, and you always want to share that with someone, no?

the-raven.jpg Ooooo….creepy. Several years ago my husband made a poetry book for me for Christmas, and he included this book. The creep factor of this poem is crazy high–perfect for curling up and reading aloud.

when-the-frost.jpg This was also included in my poetry book, and this one has a much different feel than The Raven. The cadence and rhyming found in this poem is perfect for listening, and always gives me a chill.

where-the-wild-things-are.jpg There is nothing more fun than this book! Especially for one of my generation. What a great memory.

harry-the-dirty-dog.jpg Another one of those childhood memories. There’s just something about having books read to you as an adult that yo had read to you as a child. All I need now is to turn on the Smurfs while hugging my old bankie and I’ll be a child again.

oh-the-places-youll-go.jpg This is one of those early childhood inspirational books…and every once in a while it’s nice to remember that old inspired feeling. It just isn’t the same if you have to read it to your self.

make-way-for-ducklings.jpg This is the only book on this list that I didn’t love growing up. Nope. In fact, I don’t remember this book at all growing up. I actually got it as a present last Christmas as part of my goal to collect all the Caldecot Award winners, and my husband read it to me Christmas morning. I loved it. Have someone you love read this to you tonight, and I guarantee a happy evening.


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Free Book Alert!


In order to celebrate the birthday of his blog, author Neil Gaiman has decided to put one of his most popular books on the web for free, for one month. Go, read, and enjoy!


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The Million Book Project


Carnegie Mellon University has partnered with many libraries accross the globe (and the ubiquitous Google) to digitize and make available over 1.5 million books online.

This is the largest repository of digital books around! Now you too can read the library whever you are, as long as you have access to the internet. The eventual goal is to digitize all books in print, athough copyright law is causing an obvious hinderance. At the moment, the only books included are those whose copyright has run out, or whose authors and owners allowed the project to digitize their works. Read and love!



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Golden Compass Spurs Complaint, Board Enjoys Book


So, there’s this policy: books in schools and public libraries are up for debate. If a parent or someone has a complaint about a book, that complaint is reviewed by committee. Recently in Toronto, a panel was formed to investigate whether The Golden Compass should stay on the shelves of a school’s library. The head of the committee is quoted as saying “I’m really enjoying (the book).”

You know what I love? The way that committees have to be formed to investigate idiotic complaints (this book has been on the shelves since 1995–it wasn’t bad then…what make the parent pissed now?) but it’s formed of people who really love books. Woo!



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