The Stolen Child


1/2 Star

So there is apparently an old Irish legend about changelings who abduct small children and replace them with their own kind. This awful book is based on that legend. It tries to be interesting by telling the story of both the changeling now living with people and the young boy now living with changelings. My problem with this book is there is no suspense, no mystery, no antagonist, no excitement–nothing to keep your interest. Just a boring narrative (two, actually, for double the bore) with piles and piles of minutiae.


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Ghosts of the Rich and Famous

0.5 star

Bleh. Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh. I didn’t like this book at all. I picked this up because it looked interest–gothic cover, small photos of stars, captions like “A light bulb still glows with Judy Garland’s energy” and “The singing of a slow spiritual brings Elvis back from beyond the grave.” How can this disappoint, right? Well, it can. That bulb of Ms. Garland’s? All it was was a keepsake she had given to an friend. It hasn’t yet broken. There’s no glowing, no ghostly activity around it. It just hasn’t shattered yet. And Elvis? A medium claims he speaks to her. That’s how the whole book went–short chapters about one famous person or another and a medium who claims to have heard their voices. The author is all gung-ho about the stories, too, despite many obvious fallacies. That is until the last chapter, which is obviously the obligatory “skeptic” chapter in which he critiques a man claiming to speak with famous dead people such as Mark Twain and JFK. The thing is, this man was no more or less convincing than the other hundred or so mediums that are in the book; the author just decided to pick on him. The only really interesting chapter was about a woman who tape records the voices of the dead. She leaves a blank tape recording for 10 minutes every morning then plays it back to hear messages. I liked this chapter because it peaked my interest. Apparently this woman has created a national association for this sort of thing, and has hundreds of tapes with ghostly voices on them. Now, I want to try this, but I probably won’t, because if a voice does come through I’d freak out. Completely. Just reading about it gave me the willies. Maybe if I could get someone else to listen to the tape afterwards. Creepy! Other than that, this book was a horrible disappointment. It’s only 332 pages long, but took me 7 months to read. I just couldn’t read more than a few pages at once. Don’t get it! Or give it to someone you hate and make them read it–it would make the perfect torture device.

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