X Out of Wonderland


3 Stars

Well, talk about a strange book. This was part of my foray into the general fiction stacks at the library, and it was an interesting find. So here’s the story: A man, with the clever name of “X” is living in a wonderful land where he has a great job, until a natural disaster destroys his house and sends him on a roller coaster ride of  economics (sound like a country you know, much?). His adventure leads him to find the love of his life, land in Mexican (I’m sorry…”Southern Country”) prison, rise to the top of the industrial world, and make friends with a hitch hiker in a seedy bar. You know, your normal, everyday coming of age story.

Despite being really strange, I liked the story. Of course, it was very, very heavy handed with the symbolism and obvious comments on American culture, but over all in was an interesting read. It was also a very short story, which made it a quick read.


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