Vanishing Point


4 Stars

A great example of that catch-all “fiction” subject. This book didn’t actually have a real plot. In fact, it was a collection of loosely woven facts that were all fascinating and yet somehow told the story of the author.


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The Van Gogh Assignment

4 Stars

I find a lot of biographies very boring. This one, however, was great. Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists, and the author of this book decided to try and research Van Gogh’s life by visiting little-known places the artist frequented. The result is an interesting look at the artist’s life without reiterating all the information that has already been written. It’s the first book on Van Gogh that I’ve read, and it sets a high bar for other biographies.


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3 1/2 Stars

This was a really great thriller. I like Dean Koontz a lot–I call him the poor man’s Steven King. You see, Steven King writes really long, really detailed books. Dean Koontz writes books along the same vein with fewer descriptive words and less detail. If you want to get into Steven King but are afraid to pick up that 1000 page epic, read Dean Koontz. Anyhow, Velocity revolves around the mourning bartender fiance of a permanently comatose woman. His life is thrown into chaos when he receives a note on his windshield stating that if he goes to the police an elderly woman will be killed. If he doesn’t, a young school teacher will be killed. The bodies turn up, the choices escalate, and this mild mannered man is thrown into a tumultuous 48 hours where people keep ending up dead in his kitchen and so called friends become suspects. This was an engaging story that kept you guessing as to who was the bad guy and, at times, if there even was a bad guy or if our hero was doing this all to himself. Dean Koontz has really come into his own as a writer–his earlier works honestly seemed like poor imitations of great writers. His latest contributions, however, give the reader a great ride. This particular story keeps the reader off balance in such a way that you are unable to root for anyone at times, and end up putting yourself in the main character’s shoes, trying to determine how you’d handle a preposterous situation. It’s not often a horror survival novel is also thought provoking, but Mr. Koontz managed it. It’s a good thriller, a relatively fast read, and a story that sticks to the ribs.

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