Point of Honor

3 1/2 Stars

This was a great book, and another in the girly-mystery book series. In this case, a woman who ran off with her fencing tutor is disowned from her family and must make her living in another way. Instead of working with her aunt in a house of illrepute, she opens a detective agency. The characters were great, although the mystery was a bit pedestrian.


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The Postman Always Rings Twice


3 Stars

You know, I don’t know who gets to decide what book is a classic and what isn’t, but whoever they are, they are weird. This book is considered a classic. That’s one of the reasons I read it. It was weird. It was about a man who gets a temporary job at a roadside diner and ends up falling for the wife of the owner. The new couple kills her husband and gets caught. Now imagine this story if Quentin Tarantino directed the movie, and you’ll have this book. It was strangely disjointed and weirdly written, yet engaging and interesting to read. Don’t be mad at me if you hate it, though; not everyone understands art.


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2 1/2 Stars

Have you read Terry Pratchett? If yes, then you know this book. If no, go out and read him. Terry Pratchett has a formula–it’s a good formula, and one that consistently yields pleasant books with funny bits and perhaps a thinly camouflaged social commentary. This book delivers on all points, but this wasn’t his strongest work, in my opinion. If this is the first Terry Pratchett book you’ve ever read, then it will probably be forever burned in your memory as the funniest book you have ever read, and you will frantically buy or borrow as many of his books as you can get. Don’t be surprised if no other book comes close to your first time. Isn’t that always the way? And be careful–I’ve found that you can only take so many Terry Pratchett books at once before you get burned out.


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Posted to Death


4 1/2 Stars

Oh, man, this is a fantastic series. I love vampires, I love mysteries, I love interesting characters. And there’s a love story! I actually check the author’s website to keep tabs on when then next book in the series will come out. That’s a pretty good evaluation, if you ask me. Anyhow, this basic plot involves the gay hero trying to both figure out the heinous murder of a local busybody and trying not to completely fall in love with his beautifully handsome assistant (who happens to have an amazing dragon tattoo…I love the description. I read it twice). Highly recommended!

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