The Nanny Diaries



The first-person-ness of this book was a bit distracting, but was probably the best way to tell this story because it makes you feel like it could be a friend venting to you, which is much of what this book is.

The premise: a young woman is trying to graduate from NYU with a child development degree, and so to make a living she takes jobs being a part-time nanny for rich families. This book follows her from the start to the end of a single gig doing this. The story mostly makes rich people look ridiculous. They apparently have no parenting skills, (or any desire to gain any), and they leave much of their lives up to consultants who tell them what to do. Also, the poor children are over-scheduled to an extreme degree, leaving them with little time to be children. Not a feel-good kind of story, but it will make you laugh at times and it is well-written if a bit disjointed timeline-wise.

Also, if you’re clever, you’ll make many parallels between how the wife treats her help with how the husband treats his wives. Of coure I just mean in the book, not that every rich person acts like that. This book is like a literal stereotype, and since I don’t know many rich people I really can’t speak to the reality behind that stereotype. Also, if you’re rich, you could very well find this book too offensive to read. You’ve been warned.


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The Nanny Diaries


3 stars

This is a book written by two professional nannies in New York who took the worst stories either of them had about their jobs and condensed them into one family. The result is a fantastically sarcastic and wrenching story about one girl’s struggle to deal with the neuvo-riche of New York and their unfortunate offspring. Definitely made me temporarily thankful I wasn’t the wealthy owner of a brownstone on Central Park. But only temporarily.

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