The Light Fantastic


3 Stars

Rincewind is back! This book is a direct sequel to The Color of Magic, perhaps the only direct sequel in the entire Discworld lexicon. This time Rincewind, Twoflower and the Luggage race across the Disc trying to stop it from crashing into a giant red star. Actually, Rincewind, as per usual, just tries to stay alive, while everyone around him goes crazy about the star. In the process we meet interesting characters and experience satirical adventure. Hilarity ensues.


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Lyra’s Oxford


3 Stars

This individually published short story takes place a couple of years after the events of His Dark Materials. It is an enjoyable little mystery tale, that doesn’t do much on it’s own but teases at perhaps future stories from the world of Lyra Silvertongue. While we wait for those, the Golden Compass movie comes out December 7!


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The Legend of Luke: A Tale from Redwall


2 1/2 Stars

This is, like, the tenthish book in Brian Jacques’s beloved Redwall series. The series follows the adventures of a community of kindly woodland beings (mice, squirrels, bunnys, otters, moles, et al) and their ongoing struggles against foul vermin (rats, stoats, ferrets, etc). The stories are, generally, a joy to read for children and adults alike.

In this volume, Martin, the mouse-hero of Redwall Abby, heads out to learn the fate of his father Luke, who left home when Martin was child to hunt searat pirates, and never returned. Martin and his party have some adventures on their way to finding some of Luke’s old companions, who pass along Luke’s story. Then they all head back to Redwall for the usual feasting and such.

Luke’s story was quite fun to read. The rest of the book was pretty boring. This is one of my least favorite Redwall books.


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Laughing Man


3 1/2 Stars

I love the horror genre. It’s fantastic. I love having to lie in bed feeling all creeped out and not wanting to pee because it’s dark out. Needless to say, my husband hates the horror genre and my inexplicable attraction to it. But I digress. I picked up this book because it had a disturbing clown-like man on the cover. Creepy! Anyhow, this was a very strange book about a death investigator who slept without dreaming under a mound of blankets in an overheated room. The plot jumps between present murders committed by mysterious naked women who like eating innards and flashbacks of the childhood of the investigator. He, as we find out, had a very odd conception and may be supernatural himself. It ended abruptly and without answering many questions, but was enjoyable. Creepy covers always rule!


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The Last Netsuke

2 Stars

The typical SLM. A bit boring at times, it involves a murder and the theft of a precious piece of jade. A detective figures it out with the help of his wife. Meh.


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4 Stars

Yay! A new Redwall book! This one chronicles the adventures of the predecessors of Redwall. Loamhedge was the place the mice and other nice creatures lived until a plague drove them out of their home. In present dayish, the Redwallers must travel back to the ruined abby to discover a secret of great value. Brian Jaques follows his normal formula with a riddle, a quest, and at least one major character dying, but this time he’s able to weave them together effortlessly and cause the reader to fall in love with the new creatures. I cried. I always give an extra star for tears.


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The Last Victim


3 1/2 Stars

More true crime with this book. This one had a bit of a twist, though. It was written by an undergraduate student who decided to do his senior thesis on serial killers. He wanted to come at from a different angle, however, and decided to correspond with each incarcerated killer by presenting himself as each killer’s ideal victim. The main subject was John Wayne Gacy, who killed young boys and tried to create the perfect sex slave. The author met Gacy several times in prison, and actually ended up putting his own life in danger. The book talks about how the student juggled the demands of various killers and how he stayed alive through all of it. Very, very interesting, especially for those interested in serial killers and their methods of victim choice.


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Like Water for Chocolate


3 Stars

Weird. That’s one great word for this book. It’s a love story, of sorts, about a girl in Mexico who falls in love with a local boy but is unable to marry him because her mother forbids it. Instead, her younger sister gets the guy and the older girl pours all her sorrow into cooking. It just gets weirder and weirder after that, involving the older sister breast feeding her nephew, and climaxes with a sex scene unlike any I’ve every read. Very interesting, but takes a bit of brain power to read.


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