Diary of a Mad Mom To Be


5 stars

Hee! I loved this book. Written in the style of a diary, this chronicles the thoroughly entertaining and sometimes moving pregnancy of a slightly insane woman who isn’t quite sure she wants to be pregnant. She sure is funny. Especially when she starts making lists of the things she can and can’t do. A must read for anyone expecting or expecting to be expecting.

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Diamond Age


4 stars

I love Neil Stevenson. he creates these worlds that are so full and amazing, and this book was no different. The future world in this book includes stereos implanted in your skull along with your personal defense system (which gives you a splitting headache every time it goes off, but blows a huge hole in the other guy), but is also steeped in anarchy. The heroine of this book starts as a tiny girl abandoned by her mother and abused by her step-father. Her older brother steals a fantastic new book–one that adapts to the owner and teaches her everything from reading to advanced computer science. This is her story, and what happens to her after she grows. The book is very well written and causes the reader to froth at the mouth when not reading. However, it does end rather abruptly and without much explanation after a very strange sequence involving a huge orgy in a tube beneath the ocean. Seriously. It was weird. The rest of the book was fantastic though; I recommend it.

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