Forever Odd

Forever Odd

3.5 Stars

Woo! Odd Thomas!! This is the second book in the wildly popular Odd Thomas series, and was I ever excited to pick this one up. The story follows our hero on another adventure. This one starts soon after Odd Thomas finishes, so Odd is still grieving the death of his beloved Stormy (sob!). He is found by a crazy woman who searches the globe for evidence of the supernatural, and forces Odd to fight for the life of a friend.

The story wasn’t as good, in my opinion, as the first, and I’m not sure why that is. It may be simply because I was so enamored with Odd Thomas that any followup story paled in comparison. Whatever the reason, I wasn’t as impressed this time around as I was the first. It was still an interesting read, and whenever you are in love with a character, it is a good thing to see them again, so I enjoyed it at least for that. Maybe I’ll read it again, after the glow has worn off the first one and see if my initial impress has changed.


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