Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice


2.5 Stars

So I don’t like romance novels…I think I’ve made that clear. However, when a friend handed this to me, saying “I didn’t like the novels either, until I read this!” I thought I’d give them a chance. I should have known better (this is the same friend that started teaching just to meet a boyfriend. They got engaged before the semester ended. That’ll end well).

Anyhow, onto the drama in the book. This story was about an independent woman, who, in an obviously rebellious move, has opened her own sex education firm specializing in naughty videos showing the curious what good sex is really like. Her uptight but rich mother and very conservative and traditionally married sister both disapprove of her chosen profession, and wish she would just settle down and get married. She, of course, has different ideas. Blah blah blah, forbidden-love-cakes. Insert typically boring girlie movie storyline here, but with waaaaaay more uncomfortable sex. Seriously. It was like every page. Wait…maybe that’s why my friend loved these books? Huh. I know way too much about her now.

My overall impression? I still hate romance novels. They aren’t that interesting, the story isn’t great, and they are really just vessels for badly written sex scenes. I mean, at least some of the traditional ones have the laughability aspect going for them.  This book was written as if the author thought “I know…I’ll make the romance novel a real book again!” then wrote this series. Yep, a series. I really, really hope Tracy will decide she wants to read romance and read the entire rest of the section. Bleh. But it was still better than The Eight.


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