A Dilly of a Death


2.5 Stars

Ah, silly little mysteries.  This is one of the books I picked up off the new mystery section, and you can just tell by the title that it’s going to be a stereotypical silly little mystery. This one had it all–female main character who has nothing to do with law enforcement (she runs an herb shop in a small town) who gets roped into the mystery and does all the solving.

It was really unmemorable–the only reason I even remember that the woman was an herbalist is because my mom loves these books (she’s an herbalist) and I remember that there was something to do with dill pickles because of the title. Ah well. I’ll probably read the rest of them…it’s still better than reading romance novels. 

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  1. Oh Adrienne…… she does TOO have something to do with law enforcement…. she was a lawyer before she bought a shop in a small TEXAS town with a major university…. AND she married a retired cop….. Her second best friend is the Cheif of police….

    Now, add an entomologist to the cast instead of a stupid spiritualist and you’d have your current life….


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