The Westing Game


3 Stars

Adrienne has moved away, but her legacy remains.   After finishing the last book, and discovering that all my other books are packed, I went rummaging desperately through the piles of stuff that Dean and Adie had left behind, and I found The Westing Game.  A Newberry award winner!  So I read it, and, duh, I liked it.

It is a fun little puzzle/mystery book.  It’s kinda silly, afterall it is a kids book, but still worth the read.


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  1. This is a pretty good mystery book for early teens. I wouldn’t suggest it below 6th or 7th grade, as the ending has a lot of rather confusing conclusions–in my opinion. I teach this novel to 7th grade, and for the most part they like it; I still have to re-read the end each year to understand how some of the connections are arrived at by the character Turtle!

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