The Bluest Eye


3 1/2 Stars

Oprah’s Book Club! Oh, well. When Adrienne put out the list of books that had most frequently been requested to be banned, this one caught my eye because, one, Toni Morrison is a famous, Nobel Prize-winning author and, two, there is a Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) song with a line in it asking why we “follow the law of the bluest eye.” I always thought that was a peculiar turn of phrase, and when I saw this book on Adie’s list I figured, I like the song, maybe I’ll like the book too.

And I did like the book! It is not the sort of book with an engaging story or a lot of suspense, so it is a bit unusual for me. Instead it focuses on the characters of the story, and the society that has shaped them into what they are. It was very interesting. It looks like some folks want it banned because incest is kinda central to the story. That, and there’s some naughty language, but the book is depicting a dirty world, so the explicitness seems appropriate.

So back to the hip-hop music. The first line of the book is used by Wyclef in “The Year of the Dragon”, and the last-ish paragraph is used as the chorus for that Black Star song “Thieves in the Night” that got me reading this in the first place. Neat.


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