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I’ve always been facinated by the concept of elecronic book readers. I mean, the promise of carrying 200+ books in your pocket is enchanting, isn’t it? Imagine how much lighter my suitcase would be every vacation! However, every e-reader that I’ve found just falls short of expectations. They tend to be small, or have a horrible screen, or are so expensive it just doesn’t make sense to buy them. Dreams down the tubes!

Amazon, however, has heard my sigh of dissapointment, and has entered into the cut-throat world of electronic book readers. They just launced the The Kindle and the product looks promising.

Some features:

Sharp resolution screen that reads like paper

Wireless conectivity that uses cell technology to allow you to shop for and buy books from anywhere

More than 88,000 books available at 9.99 each

Ability to read the first couple of chapters of a book before you buy it

Popular newspapers, magazines and blogs available

Weighs only 10.3 ounces and has a long battery life (no indication on exactly *how* long this long battery life is, however. This sounds a little fishy to me)

Includes access to Wikipedia

So far, it sounds pretty good. It is priced at $400, which is a bit pricey, especially since you have to pay ten bucks for each book, but then I’m a bit of a cheapskate. It would be nice if it also stored pdf books (I currently have a few hundred clogging my hardrive at the moment…) and allowed access to free book sites. Maybe in the future? Amazon sure is pushing the launch of this product, though, so I’m gonna keep my eye out for reviews from actual users.

*Update: An author at Boing Boing just reviewed the Kindle. Read his review.


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