Thing of Beauty: The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia


3 Stars

This was an interesting book–it was one in my string of celebrity biographies, and I really just picked it up because someone told me Angelina Jolie started her career by playing Gia in a movie. (Not a great movie, by the way, but a movie none-the-less). This book chronicles the life of Gia, one of the first great supermodels in the industry. Hers was a little tragic, with a single year where she was on top of her game, until she got addicted to heroin and contracted HIV. Her demise from AIDS complications brought the virus into the mainstream.
The book was interesting. The author made a point of trying to find as many people who worked with, knew, or dated Gia during her lifetime. There’s a whole, tragic chapter where he mentions all of the friends and acquaintances of Gia who died of AIDS before he was able to interview them. The stories were interesting, and I could tell the author admired and felt for his subject. His treatment of Gia’s younger, more rebellious years, as well as her descent into addiction and her ultimate death. It was a long book, but well written and seemingly comprehensive. If you’ve ever wondered about her, this is the place to start.


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