The Golden Compass


4 stars

Adrienne made me read this book. The timing was weird, because shortly before I started reading it, I was paging through a copy of the Watchtower magazine that some Jehova’s Witnesses (who fortunately were only looking for Spanish-speaking targets) had left me, when I found a Golden Compass reference. Apparently that was the name that the most prolific bible-printer of the 19th (maybe) century gave to his … printery? It got me wondering, and I eagerly began reading Pullman’s Golden Compass in hopes of finding some devious connection. Alas, I did not, but it was still a good book.

The setting of the book is intriguing. It at first seems kinda like olden-times England, but it’s way not. The fact that Pullman is able to reveal the setting without the characters ever becomming aware of their strangeness, and without ever just coming out and saying what’s going on, is impressive. Probably my favorite thing about this book.

That’s not to say that the story is not good. It follows a girl named Lyra as she travels across Europe experiencing adventures and uncovering mysteries and such. But it is a little ordinary, while the setting is special.


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