House of Sand and Fog


3/5 (The book rates a higher score, but the depression wouldn’t allow me to give it)

This is a truly depressing story, but if you’re one of those people who hear “depressing” and it magically changes to “powerful” in your head, this will hook you.

Basically, this book is a detailed account of how a (fictional) tragedy in the news came about. You know, one of those news stories about a tragedy (such as a murder-suicide or a drive-by shooting) that makes you wish you knew the reasons behind the violence. You get to know the point-of-view of each of the main contributory characters as they “eye-for-an-eye” each other to misery. You’ll probably spend the whole book wanting to explain the other characters’ POVs to whoever you’re reading about now, but since its a book, you won’t be able to. Trust me, I tried.

In the end, hopefully you’ve learned how important it can be to step into another’s shoes. If you can’t learn this lesson, skip the book, as its the only reason to read it. However, if you’re open to learning lessons, then this book is hard to put down and it really sucks you in.

Warnings: Much of the book is in 1st person, which can annoy some people. It didn’t bother me, though. Also, there’s adult topics (a bit of graphic sex, drugs, alcohol abuse).


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