Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


4 stars

The final chapter in the Harry Potter series does an excellent job of completing the story.  Often with a longish series of books like this, the author will seem to get lost and leave us readers with an unsatisfying feeling at the end.  That was not the case with this book, and after reading it I felt quite satiated.

I am not going to go into any story details, as it won’t make sense except to someone who has read the series and knows what’s going on anyway, but I will touch on some generalities.  I like the way this books seeks to tie up and explain all the loose ends that popped up throughout the series, without getting tedious about it.  The flow is nice an natural, not depending on characters making obviously stupid decisions to create drama.  I also dig the fast paced, non-stop action that this volume featured.

As far as the overall series is concerned, I never did get much interested in the plight of Harry, specifically.  I was, however, quite enthralled by the witty humor, and intriguing mysteries, and grand adventures.  And the setting, with the magic schools and wizard/muggle interactions et cetera, was positively top hole!  Even the length of the series was excellent–any more than seven books and I probably would have gotten tired of the repetition, whereas these stories managed to stay simultaneously familiar and fresh.

If only the movies weren’t so god-awful…


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