Abel’s Island


3 1/2 Stars

You know what I love? Reading a book that I suddenly remember reading when I was in grade school. I distinctly remember reading this book in 5th grade and then having to make a diorama of the island. I didn’t put much effort into the project–mom and dad left me home alone for the afternoon to “get my work done” which translated into “watch TV.” Ah well. On to the book!
This is a Newbery honor book (1977), and it seems this Newbery board preferred the younger-type books in the late seventies. Abel’s Island is a cute little story about an aristocratic mouse who gets blown away in a storm and ends up stranded on an island for a year. There he learns to take care of himself for the first time in his life, and discovers he has a talent for sculpture. I think of it as a self help book for third graders–you know, kinda like how-to-survive-and-become-your-best-in-the-process, but with cute furry animals (and a frog). Of course everything turns out great in the end, and everyone lives happily every after.
This was a quick and easy read, although not something I’d recommend for those looking for an interesting adult story. This is definitely for younger children. I liked it, but then I had a idea as to what to expect.


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