Artimis Fowl Eternity Code


3 Stars

This book was mostly great. Here’s the thing–I hate Artemis Fowl. If you read my other review of this series, you know this. For those of you who don’t know, this series is centered around a pompous young boy who uses evil ways to run the family’s illegal businesses. Now, I love evil protagonists…that’s not the issue. If an author is able to create a character that is a murderous, vile villain and still make me love him, then that author deserves an award. Artemis Fowl is not such a character. He’s just hateful. When I read a book and want to smack the main character, that does not bode well for the rest of the story. Anyhow, I picked up Eternity Code with trepidation, convinced I’d hate it. I didn’t. Well, I didn’t until the end at least, but I’ll get back to that in a moment. This series has several books, and Eternity Code is the latest. In this story, Artemis gets in over his head with an American businessman, and Artemis’ bodyguard gets shot in the chest. Artemis realizes he actually loves someone like a father and has to figure out how to save the bodyguard’s life. Throughout this quest, he calls in some favors, realizes that he has to act like a decent human being to get some things done, and actually acts like a friend to his so called loved ones. It was great! He was still an evil mastermind who could plan and execute complex, multifaceted missions that are a treat to read. He was still the smartest 11 year old on the planet. He still had lots of money. But he wasn’t a bastard, and that was fabulous. This is what the rest of the books should have been but weren’t. Now, this kept going until the last chapter. In the last chapter, Artemis has his memory erased and he goes back to his stupid, hateful self. Damnit! How could the author do this to us? I was willing to believe that the author just had to figure out his character, let him grow, before he perfected him. I thought that Eternity Code was the ‘coming of age’ story of Artemis and we’d be able to read about his manipulations while actually like this anti-hero. But no…that couldn’t happen. He had to succumb and put Artemis back just the way he was in the stupidest manner possible. Gah!!!


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