2 1/2 Stars

Have you read Terry Pratchett? If yes, then you know this book. If no, go out and read him. Terry Pratchett has a formula–it’s a good formula, and one that consistently yields pleasant books with funny bits and perhaps a thinly camouflaged social commentary. This book delivers on all points, but this wasn’t his strongest work, in my opinion. If this is the first Terry Pratchett book you’ve ever read, then it will probably be forever burned in your memory as the funniest book you have ever read, and you will frantically buy or borrow as many of his books as you can get. Don’t be surprised if no other book comes close to your first time. Isn’t that always the way? And be careful–I’ve found that you can only take so many Terry Pratchett books at once before you get burned out.


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  1. […] rant before, so I’ll stop myself) and I stumbled upon Terry Pratchett. I’ve reviewed several Terry Pratchett books, most of them (or all of them? I’ll have to look that one up) in his Discworld […]

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